Book » Full Circle for Mick

In the late eighteen hundreds a German engineer went to China and built the first railways from Shanghai towards the border of southern china and Vietnam. With the money paid to him by the German colonial Organisations, he was again in their employ and they sent him to the then German colony of German south West Africa, now called Namibia. His son was born in Africa and he returned to Germany before marrying and then migrating to Australia with his family.

The Grandson of the German engineer lied about his age in order to serve with the Australian army during the Vietnam War, serving there with distinction. While in the field with his unit called First Battalion Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR) he met a Buddhist monk who knew his Grandfather. After the monk told mick about the laws of Karma, he promised the monk that upon return to Australia, he would study and return to Vietnam as a qualified engineer and then help to rebuild the country that he had helped the allies of America to destroy.

When he applied qualified and then applied for a passport DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) not only refused to give him one but cancelled his Australian citizenship on the grounds that had lied about his age in 1967 in order to serve in Vietnam. (the year now was 2010) Therefore DIAC said that Michael Lampman had falsified a legal document. It then took three years before he could return to Vietnam and keep his promise to the Buddhist monk.